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I couldn't agree more jeep. Any kind of storage should be done on the junk trailers of which there are many. However, the supervision (leadership just sounds silly) around our system is non-existent and consists of robotic humans that don't have a stitch of common sense. I see the scenario of which you speak often. If not cardboard, pallet jacks and 2-wheelers.
Anybody want to bet.....How long is it going to be before the new trailers have dents and scratches down the sides, or the fronts caved in? Any idea's on how this happens.....P&D drivers who have the axles slid ALL the way up on their trailers continuously whack the trailer next to the spot they are backing into, yard dog's spotting trl's at night into tight spots(no trl lights on),a tired line haul driver trying to back into a tight dock at a yard that was built for 96"wide trls.....The west side of the NAS dock at ANY time.....look at our 12xxx and 13xxx swings or the 537xxx and 538xxx roll ups effin DISGUSTING!
The contempt LTL has for TL is beyond belief...
Without a doubt....I see all kinds of NEW drivers running sleeper shuttle.....where did Cookeville dig these DORKS up at....talk about self absorbed PRICKS. I've had to educate a few of these PUNKS about the FACTS of trucking life recently. Some of the NEW people in dispatch throughout the company,need to go back onto the dock,before someone pulls their FATAZZ through the small hole in the window.
I've love it when the YARD DOG'S at NAS,CLT and BHM come up to me and want me to DROP my MT trailer, because they need it.....They sure don't like my reply!
So starting next month our clueless government will be mandating a 30 minute break but the dumbies that run this outfit have tried every trick in the book to prevent our daycabs from idling. Of course, a sleeper truck idling poses no problem.

In compliance with the mandatory break ill be using my proven tactics to force my daycab to not shut off. I'll leave it at that.

Don't like that Neal St. Nubiles? Tough *****. :p
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Our steer tires were balanced before they were mounted which made for a much smoother drive. Now, the mechanics mount steer tires on old rusty and oily rims and stick them on the trucks to shake and shimmy at will. This is why people don't give a da*n about their equipment.
I agree Lifer you know their personal vehicles have balanced tires. Wonder how they would like it if we shook their office chair and rattle a paint can , to simulate loose air dams, beside them for 10 hours? My multi- thousand dollar Qualcomm shakes and shimeys all night long.
Then to add to even more waste, I get some uniform catalog with pretty graphics and glossy pictures. That piece of waste made it into my trash bin post haste. WASTEFUL! I don't need Neal St. Mommy to tell me how to dress. I wear your ugly clothing...you should be lucky that I do that much.
Then to add to even more waste, I get some uniform catalog with pretty graphics and glossy pictures. That piece of waste made it into my trash bin post haste. WASTEFUL! I don't need Neal St. Mommy to tell me how to dress. I wear your ugly clothing...you should be lucky that I do that much.

This thread is almost three years..that's pretty good..Conway doesn't have any that old(that are current), our problems arise every week.
So here we see this photo of corporate's super hero, Billy Dean! I wonder if the uniformity (⊙▃⊙)s, the chief among those sitting at the table with him, were appalled by the length of his hair? :LMAO:


RK: "Oh I hope none of our customers see my dear long haired friend"

Another irony of epic proportions.

AE employees are forbidden from showing tattoos because it projects a "negative image" in the grand poobah's mind. So the rule has been made that all tats must be covered.

Have a flat on a shiny new tractor and the new looking rim will be removed and replaced with a greasy, rusty old rim while that new rim will have a new tire placed on it and then most likely placed on a trailer to the inside.

Then, in the same light, we are supposed to give a flip about the company. Like 95% of Averitt employees, I could care less. They have conditioned me to have that attitude as do most of the employees at my yard. The important things are disregarded but the fluff like tattoos have a federal case made about it.
I've seen Averitt drivers with tats all up and down the arms...guess they had a hard time finding drivers at that time...
OK, another burr under my saddle blanket.

I have more things that I want to do than AE "chooses" to allow me to have. Yes I get my such generous 3 weeks vacation but I need 6 weeks or more and would GLADLY take it without pay. As you approach 20 years of service there should be some leeway given. If I want to take the time, shouldn't be a problem to have a contractor (since they love J&J, Landstar, TransCarriers, etc, etc) pull the run if needed. DON'T penalize me for wanting the extra time. Many can't afford it and don't want it but I DO! Offer that option, especially if requested before Jan. 31 WITHOUT a penalty of having the sophomoric "attendance points" awarded.
Cookout Schmookout. I see all of these terminals listed as having cookouts. Some of these terminals cook some mighty delicious looking grub! Well I am glad you all get this treat. Our pathetic excuse for a regional manager (Texas) and his equally pathetic and hapless Terminal Managers think of one thing and one thing only... that is lining their own collective pockets with hoped for bonus money and could give a rat's butt about their employees (oh, associates for those of you playing the Andy Averitt version).

Every once in a great while we may see some stale donuts or some cold Pizza but the last cookout was 3-4 years ago.

This same regional manager should be tied to the stake for allowing the managers around the region to let these once new and nice facilities go to hell. Oh the managers may clean up a tad bit before the shirts come for a visit (which is rare) but we are talking extreme minimal. As a result of this travesty, I have ZERO respect for little dick in Kookvegas. If he had a pair he would have run this regional manager and terminal manager off YEARS ago. However, since he hasn't, I lump him in with these others. Feckless and worthless.

There's my rant of the day
I don't even go to the cook out if I'm at a svc that is having one...they think I'm going to trip all over myself to get free food and think " Oh how great Averitt is" while they rip me off on my pay every day I'm out paying me "short" miles...they know exactly what they can do with their cook out...
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