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Well you keep telling everyone that they have the last word after we have the last word. See now I have the last word.... for now
I READ HIS EXPLAINATION,and that's the way it is. It is HIS site.... I can still have my OWN thoughts however...IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU?
It's a free country and you can think till you turn blue if negative thoughts make you happy ! Nice caps by the way, love to be yelled at for defending the bossman.
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Guardrail you're a joke these Boards are a joke.Pretty much the same people crying about the same thing.Some things never change except CM becoming IM.Guardrail take your ball and go home.
Well THF, as you know, I've always been Iceman, couldn't get it in the beginning of my TB experience. Luckily when we changed over I was able to gain my true identity. I must disagree about TB being a joke, this site offers alot of great info, not so much on Averitt's site, but industry wide it is full of great info. Just not much new news at Averitt, same ole same ole.We did find out in KNX that 5 old shuttle tractors are being sold and replaced with lower mileage trucks from surrounding service centers.
Well I said bye to my ol' girl today. It has served me well over the last 5.5 years. Somebody is going to get a nice one. I saw a new cornbinder city truck with the Natuzzi leather drivers seat :regretful: and a 5 speed automatic trans. Is not a truck to be in on the road.
They are not designed, as you know, to be over the road, only tagged for 54k. City drivers dream ride, seat will be hotter but stain proof. I had a vinyl seat in my T7986, I liked it actually, I fidget alot and could slide around in the seat alot easier.
The drivers that have brought these trucks in over the road (yes, a 1 shot deal) say they are really dogs. Have you been inside one of one of these yet? If this is any representation of things to come in a road truck, I don't like the layout. You have to het up early in the morning to beat this current crop of Volvos.

I can just picture you fidgeting. :bouncy:
Our new singles are "Dura Star" series, medium duty. There is a Pro Star daycab being driven out of Nas. and I was told the driver is impressed. It and our singles have the awesome bulletproof Allison Tranny. My friend at Fedex loves the Pro Stars, my SEFL friend has put 55k on his new Pro Star and loves it except he is disappointed with the MaxForce engine's power. I will give a full road test report soon, I've been told I will be moving several of the singles to surrounding yards. Fidgeting rocks !
I also heard through the rumor mill that if Averitt bought twin screws before the end of the year that they would get a hell of a tax break on them. I guess this means they buy them when they order them. In the meantime, here we go, hippity hopping down the bunny trail in pink Freightliners. Just the thought of it makes my back ache.

Another one is that the tractors with the 80k tags that are scheduled to be traded (not mine) were not renewed. AE decided that it would be cheaper to pay an expired license tag fine than to renew the registration on an 80k truck. Corporate wants the trucks used in the city only. There is supposedly a letter going out to whom it may concern that AE will be responsible for all tickets. However, if the driver is issued an expired tag citation, this violation shows up on his most coveted and highly important (not) CSA points record. This is the problem with the way this company operates. They have ZERO consideration for this CSA bull crap and how the actions that they take can affect the driver in his points. Such garbage. This is valid enough reason to refuse to do anything that could cost you CSA points as a result of lame decisions by corporate. Yes they may pay the fine but those CSA points are non-negotiable.
Most of the issues with the Pink RACERS, is that they were not set up and maintained properly. The 380hp Mercedes motors were denutted ,fifth wheels set too far back. I bet the front shocks on most of them are busted. We have some old Century's that are still going strong and still look good. It's just a matter if the drivers assigned then give a damn to begin with. I'm really having doubts if the maintenace GURU's at Neal street really care about obtaining the RIGHT equipment or just counting beans. Other carriers are downsizing the size of their sleeper trucks to make them more efficent..here we are still buying those LAND BARGES's with steel 2 spoke rims. Saw my ole Pete the other night at FUL, she sure was looking bad :sadwavey:,I thought it was traded in by now.
Got a warm spot for the ole girl, we did some AMAZING things in the 4.5 years I drove her.:smilie93C_peelout:
Other carriers are downsizing the size of their sleeper trucks to make them more efficent..here we are still buying those LAND BARGES's with steel 2 spoke rims.

AE may be looking at the same thing! Just paint it red!
Dang ...a old bubble nose JIMMY,,,I still see our old 377 Petes running the mail routes. Walmart,JB,Schiender,Roehl and others have gone to 50-60" mid roofs, 13 liter motors and Aluminun all around. Got to lighten them up, with all the emission crap on them. I would gladly swap my Cascadia land barge, for one with a 58" mid roof,twin 100gl tanks, aluminum wheels and a DD13 motor . Conway T/L is getting Prostars with Maxxforce 13 450 hp, and they run a Tag axle on the back. Heck a Prostar with a Maxxforce 13 425 and a small sleeper would be fine with me.
ICE...there is a completely destroyed 13xxx Volvo at the Nashville shop....has a RED ISX15 and a DEF tank...now is your chance to put a word in... have them rebuild it with a DAYCAB and you can run it as a test truck experiment. Now that would be a REAL RED RACER.:smilie93C_peelout: It was parked next a another totaled out MINI wheel Frieghtliner. I could of taken pictures but it was too sickening to look at.:(
I see a few of those SAIA daycab conversions around, kind of strange looking but shiney wheels, or once shiney.
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