Red Sea Attacks Disrupt Food Trade, Risk Higher Grocery Costs


Bloomberg News

Chaos in the Red Sea is starting to disrupt shipments of produce from coffee to fruit — and threatening to halt a slowdown in food inflation that brought some relief to strained consumers.

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I changed the food shopping situation and the last 6 blood panels with nutrition etc showed that I am making the correct choices in everything on my dinner table last two years and this year.

Prices? Im debt free. Dont owe anyone a damn thing. So if the food costs should increase five times or even 10 times it will not affect my grocery list for each month.

In fact, its getting almost to the point its cheaper to call say Omaha Meats and have a few boxes delivered now. Its on par with what i pay at the store.

In short, I dont give a damn how much the food or grocery more expensive is going to get in wars. My Family was careful to teach me stories from two world wars and how they got by with the mandated rationing and so on. If necessary I can cut costs further and do well.

All of us have something and for me its steaks and coffee. THAT I am working on stocking up. Hence the increased orders going out to fill the deep freezer and pantry regardless of price today or the next several months.

Its not all about me. There are people who probably will be hungry when the real war war shows up. I will be in a position to shoot deer, process and cook for them when the time comes. It will be a good situation to be in. The wars evolving at the Red Sea or whatever does not bother me anymore. Let it rain.