Yellow | Remember The Last $750 Dollar Signing Bonus In Freight?!

Why is it always the employees they come after for sacrifices? They have not shown us one thing they are going to do to help this company survive. How about a plan to get moral back, and a plan to get this company back to making money. What makes them think that our givebacks will change anything? My daughter just got her degree in business management and she was telling me about the stupid crap they teach you about business. It's like they live on another planet. Now if they are brainwashed into thinking these theories really work instead of using their own common sense, then this is where the problem begins. I want to see a plan from this company telling us how they plan on trying to improve things on their end. How about stop sending men out 10 minutes before my bid to my destination and leaving us lay for 20 hours. How about admitting a central dispatch doesn't work. I WANT A PLAN!!!!