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We lost a true Local 728 Teamster Brother last night.
I received a call this morning that brother Dwyane Butts, also known as “Pork Chop,” passed away after complications from surgery. Brother Butts came about being a Teamster the hard way. He helped to Organize his barn at Overnite in Lawrenceville, GA and when it came to time to take them out on strike, he did. Brother Butts also served as the Steward at his barn
As he kept the faith that he would be a Teamster one day, UPS bought Overnite and accepted them as Teamsters and negotiated a Contract in 2008.
As one of the Overnite Organizers back in 1995, it was my honor, and I would say one of my highlights as a Teamster when serving as Local 728 Secretary-Treasurer to have all of the Overnite/UPS Teamsters to come in and take their oath one Saturday at our monthly meeting.
There was not a dry eye in the house, as many of us knew the Overnite/UPS Teamsters who were there in the beginning of the struggle and to see them taking their oath as Teamsters will never be forgotten.
Many Teamsters today are hired into a Teamster job and have never been in a strike or fought to get what they wanted in a Contract, but many like Brother Dwyane Butts fought for what they got in their Union, and in their Contract.

Rest In Peace Brother Dwayne Butts.

There aren't that many ovnt guys left, fewer every year . Rest in peace.
I found a letter in my Teamsters file yesterday from the president of Local 878, dated Sept. 2000. He was thanking the men from the maintenance shop for donating $16,405.27 to that date to the Overnite strikers. The shop had a roster of approx. 100 men at that time.
I admired those at Overnite for their sacrifice. They were true Teamsters before they could officially be called Teamsters. It was a joy to know they were finally sworn in.