Yellow | Retired YRC Driver accused of second degree murder

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So, do you still collect your pension if you're sitting with Joliet Jake?
[/quote]After getting fired I asked that very question. The answer is yes you do collect your pension from jail. After being reinstated I promised the BA not to "talk" to the TM. :nono:
[/quote]What makes you think he will hit prison? He is an honored soldier, besides Marines don't go to jail.
[/quote]You just may have somthing there. Chicago does things a little differently than the rest of the country. :poke:
[/quote]He may work for CCX next. Not the non-union scumbag trucking company, the (C)hicago (C)limate (X-)change. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially for someone who volunteered put their life to defend this country. Know him being an x-Roadbot, he may have to do some community service.
I was thinking.why dont we just close this one..seems like we are talking about someones misfortune.

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