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Wicks was paid a $400,000 retention bonus late last year to stay with YRC. It is unclear what effect his leaving would have on retaining that bonus.
There is more to Wicks leaving than meets the eye.I think Wicks was tired of Zollars complete control and didn`t like being his puppet. If this is true,look for more execs to abandon ship before long. Another possible answer is YRC is in worse shape than they are admitting to and Wicks doesn`t want to go down with the ship. Whatever the answer is,we`ll find out on truckingboards first.
My two cents on this is it's all about the MONEY I just looked up the compensation for the upper members of the United Health Corp ,stock symbol is UNH and he can make a lot more money going back to them than staying here .

Here's an article about what there CEO earned last year
UnitedHealth CEO receives $8.9M in ’09

UnitedHealth Group Inc. CEO Stephen Hemsley received nearly $9 million in compensation for 2009, an increase of almost $6 million from the previous year......
Here's another part of an article that about sums it up also .

The sudden resignation was a jolt to an already sensitive stock, but Tim Wicks’ departure is not a surprise. Wouldn’t you want to avoid the high-stress day-to-day operations of a nearly bankrupt company if you could smoothly transition to another cushy job at a growth-intense company?
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