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A lifetime parking spot is something I've never heard of and seems a bit excessive to me, but if that's how they want to do it I'm not bothered. If I was offered one I'd probably say thanks but no thanks because I prefer to fly under the radar as best I can.

Several years ago I was awarded employee of the month. I wasn't even notified until over a week into the month, and then when I was it turned out someone on my shift parked in the spot for the following couple weeks. Someone eventually tracked him down (I never asked anyone to do this) and then he approached me to offer an apology and explained that he didn't notice the sign given that he arrived an hour before me at night and always backed in. We had a good laugh over it, especially when he heard that I was getting tired of being complimented on a car that actually belonged to him :)
I think they should pick up the driver from his personal vehicle in a golf cart, drive him to the dispatch office and to his truck.

When he returns, meet him with the golf cart and a cold beer........I agree, not lifetime, maybe 25 years.
CRST transfers any driver who wins a TDC to their terminal in Atlantic City,all expenses paid, hoping these guys can steer clear of the boardwalks...
I believe the State Champion TDC parking spots to be one year. At least that's how our center awards them.

And yes, there were Senior Road drivers that wouldn't speak to our TDC winners until the year was up. (You stole MY spot man).
We have 5 I think and only one took what I would consider to be a premium spot, the others are personal preference based on their assigned parking spots for their tractors.

I’m sure we probably have some drivers who feel the same way but most understand they earned their spots.
The TDC guys practice on their own unpaid time. The people who are dedicated enough to put in the time needed to win a championship are most certainly deserving of the recognition of a lifetime parking spot.
Agreed, if they win Nationals or Grand Champion...otherwise States should be for one year IMO.
I am a recipient of one of the parking spots and I believe they should be 1 year unless you win national title or grand champion. Only thing is it took a year to get the sign for that spot so does that time count.
No, you should get one full year of parking then be allowed to keep the sign(s).
You guys are not going to believe this. I came in this morning had to take a poop went in the bathroom someone was in the toilet stall I use so I paitentaly waited for him to come out and to beat it all he had less seniority than me. I explained to him that was my stall reserved for me when I have to drop a bomb. I thinking about calling HR to :crybaby:
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