FedEx Freight | Rewarded Parking Spots

You guys are not going to believe this. I came in this morning had to take a poop went in the bathroom someone was in the toilet stall I use so I paitentaly waited for him to come out and to beat it all he had less seniority than me. I explained to him that was my stall reserved for me when I have to drop a bomb. I thinking about calling HR to :crybaby:
maybe they will rent you a porta potty, put a padlock on it, and give you the only key?
Finally, after all these years of breathing in flammable gases we now know where to aim the nozzle of the starting fluid can just as we engage the cigarette lighter. One last thing. Please give your fellow workers enough time flea the dock just before engaging said lighter. Someone still has to work the freight. von.
Nah now that I'm in the club I have BD's hat to protect me from that, besides we don't get "Trophy Trucks" but we did get some brats for lunch one day

Speaking of trophy trucks, we do get lifetime parking spots for work rig in the yard and personal in parking lot. ;)
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