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Been awhile, got laid off first round, Christmas 08.
Anyways thinking about coming back, there aren't any road runs here.

Thinking about relocating, anyway: no set place, maybe even west.

Any decent centers/managers out there needing road drivers?

Would you guys post up, if you see something posted that catches your eye.
You know what I mean, "like that might not be a bad spot there", or even if you
here of something, for other co.'s

I don't mind the short shuttle, then dock, just don't want to be stuck on it, with little chance of longer bid.

Thanks............take care........been catching up.................
mudder, mauston wi (mau) is hurting for road drivers. talked to sup. other night, can't find any local qualified cdl. shortest bid is 394 rt.
Effingham, Illinois 6 more road and 10 city on top of 15 Road since Thanksgiving. Our Hub is setting new tonnage records each week.
"wideglide" said:
anyone out of alexandria in term know how many rd drivers there hiring and if hey have started yet and how long there rd runs are there thanks
I'm not sure if anyone works there. I have never meet anybody that is from there or has via there or even seen the building. I also have only seen a few bill come across the dock for it and I can't find it on a map. Starting to think FedEx made the place up.
I think time spent researching a location would be well worth your time. You want to stay out of locations like the Los Angeles Ca basin where you would be mired in shuttle/dock work forever. A terminal location is very important. Termnals like Las Vegas Nv. The nearest terminal to them is over two hundred miles away, or Tucson Az where all the line drivers go east to Texas and New Mexico. No dock work required. You might think about Siai or OD. They still run their companies the old fashion way. Good Luck. TP
[quote author=Twice Pipes link=topic=80147.msg830700#msg830700 date=1274121343]
They still run their companies the old fashion way.
Wow, what a concept, a trucking company that has truckers.
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