Politics | Rochelle Walensky photo of the day - keep getting your. boosters

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
I don't believe for one second that these govt officials got the real shot. They're just a bunch of frauds and want to use us as their test mice and conduit for their big money investments in Big Pharma.
Sorry, but not happening to me again.

If this "vaccine" was actually a vaccine, these 13 times jabbed and 71 times boosted fools wouldn't keep catching the virus.

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
They would if it doesn’t work

We were told this would be a pandemic of the unvaccinated
Seems the only people getting the virus are vaccinated
It appears to me that it crushes your immune system
And the die-hard vaccers are the same ones that wear a mask and/or haz mat suit out in public, which only weakens your immune system.
I admit, I laugh every time I hear that someone from the administration tests positive. They're likely lying anyway, just to keep the narrative alive until the midterms are over.
Speaking of being alive, how do these elderly piles of **** in Washington keep surviving this "deadly" virus?
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