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I have been thinking about this for a few days now, this rotation thing, I have a family member that works for SEFL and there is alot of complaining about the rotation at their barn, they used me as an example, at FEDEX I work mabey 2 days, mabey none, not even friday, or mabey only on fridays, I am starving here, the guy above me has one year, I have many, he works 4 days and I work none, on the 5th day he still takes the 600mi run and I get the 330 enough to pay the insurance and give me a good insult, now before any one gives me the seniority riot act I told this guy that I held no ill will, he has a family and must do what he has to do to take care of his, I didn't want him to feel bad for taking what he could. FEDEX does not lay off!!!!!!!!!! Let me stress that but they do starve men out of work, that never gets told, my user name is grocery thrower, that is my first love, I love the food service industry and the only reason that I hang on at FEDEX is because the company that I want to work for is not hiring at this time, I am getting older and I figure 10 years at best in foodservice left, SEFL is one good company I have heard it refered to as the old AF. My point SEFL doesn't put on a front, they do the rotation, they don't brag about not laying off. I read their magazine that they put out and they featured guys that have been at the company since the 60's, wow thats something, just my thoughts, I hope this board sparks up, I think we could all learn alot from SEFL.
nice people and a great place to work. they will always try to get you hours as best they can.

Freight slows down every year,we all know that in our line of transportation. As for linehaul,some get rotated more than others. I know several of the linehaul drivers at our terminal have volenteered to take days off so that other drivers can work. This,in my opinion,is an ungreedy act. We all have families and obligations. For a while the linehaul was on rotioion about one day every two weeks as I remember on this year's rotation. I'm sure there were some that were off more,but that still beats a layoff.

Drive safe !!!