I can't and won't put my wife through that again. I ran over my own dog in the driveway and killed him, (Bo) I was so sick I sold the vehicle I ran over him with because I couldn't drive it again, I rescued Rusty and he lived a long live and had to put him down in 2015, Got Rubble on my birthday in 2016 when I looked into his eyes and I knew he needed me, I sit here now about 90% through a pint trying to delay the pain right now. I am done man, I can't do it again.
We buried our 17 yr old Lhasa (Tom) 15 years ago in the backyard.
I told mama he would be the last, and so far, I have been true to my word.
Too hard on an old man.
I went out this morning as soon as it got light out in the 35 degree pouring rain and dug my dogs grave and buried him. Sure gonna miss that big old boy. Going to be hard getting on that golf cart without him since it was his favorite thing in the world.
People think that the old fire hydrant in the corner of my backyard is a lawn isn't, it's more, it's the marker for the Buzzy, Taj, Lou and Freddy
Mourn Rubble’s passing. I’m certain you will never forget him. But you and your family have so much to offer a rescue. A rescue never forgets the kindness shown.
I rescued Rubble from a home that would or could not care for him properly.
I rescued Rusty too from a no kill shelter.
Me and the wife made a promise a few years back after Rubble started having problem that we wanted to be empty nesters and roam and unless she wants another I won't break my promise because she has always been the major care taker, She is a stay at home wife and she did her job well. I will continue to donate to my local no kill shelter but my Doggy Dad days are over.

The pain is great but so was the love
The sun came out finally and we went riding around, stopped at the cemetery to re find some head stones, we ate a long lunch and came back home about 6 hours later, We haven't been gone that long together in years, we are feeling better, sad to come home to an empty house but we are ok