Averitt | Rumor Mill, Let's hear it !

In order to save money, All prepass units and Fl sunpass units will be deactivated. All scale tickets for loads will be paid for by the driver, no reimbursment. The APU'S will not be used if the temp is between 20-105 outside. All trucks will be turned down to 60 mph. All T/L drivers will be required to stay out for 2 weeks. All drivers will be required to work the dock when not driving (min 2hrs off clock).
Jeepman, that's a tall tale brother! Our new elite passes work in Florida as well as Oklahoma & Illinois. So far, I've been reimbursed for every scale ticket prior to switching to the new Cat Scale ap. Now, I don't pay anything out of pocket. My dispatcher pays us hourly if we work the dock or have to work locally for the service centers. My truck still rolls along on flat ground at 65. I haven't heard any rumors, other than yours, regarding turning them back. There's no benefit for a truckload driver staying out for 2 weeks unless he/she just wants to. LOL!!!
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