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Doing the combo I wasnt sure if it would matter much or not, I guess the main area it will help is if there has to be any cuts over any possible slow periods.
KNX Combo's bid after the last Shuttle driver, say after the last Shuttle bids, say 31st, the 1st Combo bids.
Exactly! #1 combo man is not getting anything really great for the most part. Unless, of course many shuttle drivers have left (which corp so desperately wants so they can replace with Combo).

KNX must have a lot of old hands and do things WAY different and is nothing like the revenue producing terminals in the GREAT state of Texas.

KNX Combo's bid after the last Shuttle driver, say after the last Shuttle bids, say 31st, the 1st Combo bids.
The real issue at hand is that they don't give a rat's a$$. The regional managers are the ones that make decisions on raises. If these yahoos decide we don't get a raise, we don't get a raise. But you can bet your last dime that they get their hefty bonuses and raises. Menaces all.
Well here is a juicy one (and the way AE thinks these days, it is more truth than rumor). Averitt, in their futile quest to follow the algore model of
enviro-whackoism, is going to turn our trucks down to 63 mph. They also think it will save fuel.

I know there are a few here that probably will think that is perfectly ok because it will save "the company" money. You know who you are. Keep in mind that we have gotten squat for a raise in the last 6 years.

They should have NEVER turned the trucks down from 68 to 65. It saved absolutely NOTHING. I did the math. on a 10 hour run going from 65 to 63...just 2 mph. will equate to 20 more minutes of road time on a 10 hour run per day, 1 hour 40 minutes per week, 86.6 hours hours extra per year. You have basically given up 9 days of your vacation time in time spent.

The knuckleheads that run this outfit are clueless and not the ones that have to sit their a$$es in these trucks and could care less.

My plea to my fellow employees...should AE decide to do this ridiculous maneuver, please make a pact to delay their freight every single day without fail. If you are one of those that think that this is acceptable, you are an Averitt sycophant and care nothing about your own well being. They will willfully screw us all over without a care in the world and if you allow them to take this action unabated then shame on you.

Most all other companies are turning their trucks up and(OD, AAA, Conway etc.) are passing me each and every night. These companies are in the business of moving freight instead of trying to be "green" like this company is. This turn down will be my last straw.

Turn our trucks up to 68 and we can cut 30 minutes of the current run times. But I am sure that the deadwood in corporate could care less. What a bunch of losers.
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If this happens, and my assigned ride gets turned down to 63mph..I AM GONE!,BYE-BYE,C U LATER, ADIOS!!!!!Just got home to enjoy my 3 day weekend, walked in the door a hour ago,,,,6 days in the truck and 2170 paid miles to show for it. It's getting to be a crock of EFFINshit. Of course having a even slower truck does'nt mean alot when you are getting a steady diet of 150-300 mile loads. Spoke with many TL drivers this week NOT ONE was happy. Spoke with a TL driver i've known for a couple of years, he had a Cascadia, it had issues so they put him in one of the newer VOLVO"S it had a ISX400ST in it, he told me it was a PIG as compared to the 425 in his Cascadia. The ONLY thing holding me and a lot of other drivers here is the so called home time. Do your thing, neal street, Crete is hiring , $.43+ for 11years exp,Conway TL is hiring. Maybe you can get LANSTAR to do TL after ALL your GOOD TL people get fed up and leave!
But look at garys other outfit, First Fleet. They are trucking at about 70 and consistently blow my doors off. I guess being hypocritical about "going green" only applies in certain cases. Let FF roll while castrting averitt. That it makes me sick is a gross misunderstatement.

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I'm sure we would run 70mph too if we would agree to a paycut and make what FF makes a mile.

We ALL need a pay raise, let's face it it's been 6 years now. The only reason I believe we have'nt received one is that there are people in CKV that think all is good in the world (CKV)and the drivers are the enemy! I bet some of these people are not even aware of what other outfits both LTL and TL are actually paying and offering in benefits. TIME TO COME OUT OF THE HOLLOW BOY"S. Leave my truck speed alone, give me a raise, I deserve it, it's not cheap for me to live out on the road and take care of the bills at home. BTW ICE..Do you actually know what FF drivers and 1st Express drivers are making?
Lets talk speed of the trucks, your right R&L,FEDEX,OD,ESTES, SOUTHEASTERN and the like can blow by us. A lot of them have newer trucks that have been spec'ed to run those speeds and still get fuel mileage. My Cascadia is not even turning 1400 rpms at 65. With the HOS rules in limbo,CKV may have to rethink speeds for select power to make delvr times. My current ride gets great fuel mileage, the motor is strangled, it wants to go,I can feel the vibration when pulling hvy loads over rolling hills. In my Pete I also got great fuel mileage when it ran 68, it also was a tiger in rolling hills. Now pulling LTL loads, currently in a 65 mph I can do FUL-MIA in 10.5-11hrs running the fl turnpike
665 miles, currently Avrt rtes you 693pd miles not running the pike, but then your also looking at a extra 11 hrs transit time. When I ran DAL-ORL LTLS every week in a 68 mph truck I could go a extra 45 miles per shift legally. I could run from ORL to NOL,BTR,JMS,KNX,NAS,RAL,GBO,TRI,GRN,ENC in 11hrs or less in a 68 mph trk. In a 68mph trk I used to run to MIA from FUL,NOR,and MRT in less than 11 not running the turnpike all the way. TALK TO YOUR DRIVERS.....NEAL STREET...WE DO KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a friend that drives for First Fleet and he says we make way more than they do, after that statement I did not ask him by how much. He was feeling bad enough and I'm not into rude.
From what I understand,,,they make the same as our dedicated drivers, which is less than what I make per mile. The 1st express drivers are right there with us TL drivers from what I understand, they do stay out longer. Alot of other TL outfits are raising pay and benefits along with HOME time. They are also doing away with FAIRYTALE mileage pay rates and going to PRACTICLE MILE payrates. I've kept a record since day one, of every load and trailer I've pulled. At the end of the week I fiquire miles run VS miles payed, it consistently runs right around 10%. With the other outfits making it more attractive to come work for them, it has other AVRT TL drivers and I thinking. I do not want to make a move, however it comes right down to $ when all else is said and done. I do not do this job for entertainment purposes!:shift:
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