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Bottom line is castrating the trucks saves absolutely zero fuel. Oh sure they can run around with their red F-150 and blow up balloons touting that the slower speeds save fuel but they are only fooling :a) themselves and b). the people that are stupid enough to buy their bs propaganda. Not to mention that with 3 mph difference the truck is on the road 30 minutes longer....burning fuel of course.

Also don't let these wizards of smart fool you into believing that "oh the cost of fuel is killing us". That is simply not true. Yes it is killing us as consumers because we pay for these higher fuel costs but Averitt has a dynamic fuel surcharge.

They pay one individual a salary in corporate to look at the national average fuel cost daily and adjusts the fuel surcharge accordingly. It's not costing Averitt Jack Sh*t regardless if the fuel price is $1.50 per gallon or $7.50 per gallon. You and me, the consumers of the goods, are paying this price.

Why should that be a condition for running 70 mph. That is as ridiculous as saying if you want to run 65 & not 63, we will cut your a/c belt. Foolish on the face of it.
I'm sure we would run 70mph too if we would agree to a paycut and make what FF makes a mile.
There are four First Express drivers domociled out of my SC. They are on John Deere account and home every weekend.
They have nicer trucks than ours, in my opinion anyway,(Pete & KW) and earn .43 cpm.
Wish I had known about them much sooner.
If you can get anyne of them to talk to you...they also do not have the GOODIE'S we have.
What goodies are those? Those classy red shirts and $14 delay/breakdown/meeting pay? Or 15 freebie points for taking days off with no pay during the year?
What goodies are those? Those classy red shirts and $14 delay/breakdown/meeting pay? Or 15 freebie points for taking days off with no pay during the year?
Exactly. I had planned on retiring here, but if I were to get forced back into TL, I would seriously consider giving them a look.
What do I have to lose, beside the distinctive uniform?
I would still be driving the same three miles to work and it could be a pleasant change working for an outfit with less than 300 trucks.
401k is portable and I can afford a few more dollarsnper week on health insurance.
That sound just about right, you never know what is next from Averitt. I am making the best of this job until I can do better.
Doesn't sound right, but thinking back I have never heard them included when we are told of pay increases in our meetings.It was always dock, city and shuttle increases that are mentioned. Clerical and driving/loading group kind of do their own thing. Guess they figure it's none of our business what they make, and I agree.
:stirthepot:If ANYONE should get a raise it should be TRUCKLOAD, we are making the company money, getting paid HHG (FAIREY TALE) miles, running a lot of short mile loads...come on Neal Street it's time!:shift:
Ok what does a single sleeper shuttle driver have to do, or who do I need to #*^@" around here to get one of those new trucks? I've been driving TL hand me downs for several years now, watching new hires get into new ones all the time.

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