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POLITICS Russia Nuclear Monitoring Sites Lost Contact After Mystery Blast

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by Rastus, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Two Russian nuclear monitoring stations—specifically designed to detect radiation— “went silent” in the days following an explosion of what many believe was a nuclear-powered missile earlier this month during tests at a remote base, a nuclear official said in an email Sunday.

    There have been reports that Russia has not been fully transparent about what occurred at a military base in the far northern Arkhangelsk region. The initial report from the country’s nuclear agency said that five workers were killed in a rocket engine explosion. The Guardian reported that radiation levels in Severodvinsk, a nearby city, increased 20 times above normal for about a half hour after the explosion.

    It has been reported that residents in the area have been stocking up on iodine, which helps reduce the effects of radiation exposure.https://www.foxnews.com/world/russi...sites-lost-contact-after-mystery-blast-report

    This has been kept fairly quiet,
    I wonder if Russia was using the uranium Hillary sold them.
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