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really shocked you even work at all. Seems the same to me like getting welfare and government handouts. If you can live with yourself knowing you got paid the same as the guy beside you busting his tail to cover for you, in my book you aren't much of a man. I will look back and say "i gave it my best" you can look back and say "i screwed over a fellow co-worker and made his job harder so mine was easier." bravo!!

are you mike alvarez ? Wait lou rivera ! I'm i right
Work to live don't live to work, time with your family is way more important than making money for yourself or someone else. Do you think anyone of the people at the top are going to work on Thanksgiving,hell no. The way i see it if you have to work on a major holiday than your company is already on the path to a uncertain future. People are always saying "what happened to this country?" Money coming before family is one of the sole causes of the downfall of morality.
Owel, doesn't bother me, jus bein honest. Doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I don't giv a duece who likes it.
Each hs own eh? If u don't likes my werk ethic thn go get a job at BURGER KING. U cn really be part of a team that works together for breadcrumbs crappy benefits nd no ot..jus like CT.. The saying doesn't go " work hard to not prosper", so y the hell work hard...no no forgot, we WERE working hard, then they said work harder but did not offer anything in return. .NOW we lose even more of what little we got.
Not me son! You r nobodies hero busting ur hump for scumbags so get over urself

Where are the grammar police when you need them?
Ur rite, it would suit me fine. My parents raised me to look out for #1, but if ur content or jus numb from bangin ur head against the wall..knock urself out. Go ahead nd keep on keepin on. M.H.O., u may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. You would rather put all ur energy into a failure rather thn actually try nd b succesful elsewhere. . My parents also taught me u cn poo in one hand nd wish in another ..c which one fills up first.
But u... don't sweat it., jus keep blowing off the family for CT work 55+ hours a week nd keep ur fingers crossed. Lolol. All for bout $600 a week..what a joke.

Just to be clear, I average 50-55 hours a week and take home a lot more than $600. A hell of a lot more.

Unpaid Black Friday and Xmas eve is nothing new. It's been that way since I started several years ago. Just be glad they got rid of the god awful PTO system we had , where you got a check every 3 months for the days off and holidays.

We're all struggling to be positive right now. It's complete suckage, no doubt, but it will smooth out once the on boarding is done. Someone dropped the timetable from months to weeks and it put a hurt on everything.

Truth is, I'm even having a hard time being positive because of the mess and the time of year, but as my wife said, stressing over everything won't make it easier. Ride it out and see where it goes.
40 hrs is fine with me, the dedicated c.t. drivers can pick up the difference. i can only take so many aspirin per day.
we were told Friday by our terminal manager that we will not be paid this year 2013 for the day after thanksgiving or Christmas eve. we can work if we want or take a pto or vacation day if you want to get paid. correct me if im wrong, didn't the letter we receive from d.k. say everything will stay the same till the end of the year? I guess the Manny is showing his true colors.

Too bad my husband had to burn all of his PTO last winter when he kept getting called off...
Too bad my husband had to burn all of his PTO last winter when he kept getting called off...

u may b able to get partial unemployment for those days. My terminal has/had a posting on a board stating paid holidays for 2013. Just grab it nd bring it to unemployment office attention. Tell them the Co. is renigging on it. The way I see it, you got a 50/50 shot at getting compensation and nothing to lose by trying.. Don't listen to anyone elses opinion on this post, jus do it nd let us know what happens
Too bad my husband had to burn all of his PTO last winter when he kept getting called off...

B.T.W if an employer writes on paper that u will be paid for something, They must follow through and do so in my state. By law it is a valid contract that they must fullfill. I know this because my co. tried to withold holiday pay. I put a complaint in to the D.O.L. GUESS WHAT? Days before the hearing was to b held, I mysteriously got paid what I was due after being told 6 months earlier would never happen. If they did not pay it there would be criminal charges placed on the company by the state. . That is all fact, so I hope everyone sticks it to those scumbags one lastime before losing another few hundred bucks
I apologize, think I overlooked another loophole that screws us and lets Vitran get away with it.. if you are already in CT pay schedule before the holidays they may get away with it. But if Vitran is still paying, they must fulfill the contract.. Sorry I didn't take the timing of the acquisition into consideration before the previous posts
They have attorneys all over that kind of stuff.

Attorneys not lookin out for ur best interests. What it boils down to, is who is paying you at the time the holidays that are being denied. This is y I asked for the individual not to listen to other posts regarding. Point blank..if vitran posted a 2013 holiday pay schedule and is paying u until 2014, they must BY LAW abide to their written contract. They can have Johnny Freaking Cochran and still would lose that battle. I've been through it, so if ur scared u might not win don't do it but u really shouldn't discourage others without researching your state laws. Me, I want every damn penny I can squeeze out of um before they become ancient history.
@Retired general, me and you would have gotten alng like long lost brothers. I had (and still have) the same hatred towards vitran, and CT. i was fired at ct after on yr and then came to vitran in 08, ( worst yr to start at vitran), i NEVER GOT A RAISE FOR FIVE YRS OF SERVICE!!!!. I have many trees with my name carved in them. And then came the tablet lol. I keep my voice low on hear lately ( there is a mod now.....) shhhhhh lol just jokin train u no i luv ya!!!! Good luck general and i will keep reading your posts very entertaining
c.t. takes the holidays and that's fine with me, i will return the favor when employeed by them. by the time i get done i will recoup my money and then some.
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