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Hello everyone i was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me? How long do the seasonal feeder positions last? Do the seasonal guys get laid off for long periods of time? Just wondering how it all works, i just applied for one of the positions and any help on info would be greatly appreciated.
You work May-Aug. Back on Oct-Dec. If you do a good job they will keep calling you back until something permanent opens and if your the next seasonal driver you should get the position. All that being said i passed on this job here in Indy this week. I was going to be the sixth man out of 15. If i had a crystal ball i might have done it. I was nervous thinking of jobs to do while in the off-peak times.

Good luck driver.
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Thanks for the info, any idea what the pay is?

$16.10 hr. no bennies.
Yes 16.10,but i heard they pay into pension and H&W for you,9 month"s credit for 6 month's work.
Can someone verify this cause hourly pay is not as important to me as it is to other's.
It's the credit's i am after.
And no it does not mean i will work for free.
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