YRC Freight | Self Driving Trucks & Safety in Snow & Ice on Iowa Roads & 15% slower or faster delivery times ?


Ted and Wayne’s driving instructor
Just asking here partner. But if Ted the safety driver was in the truck at all times, in on duty not driving status, were they running fast enough to make that trip in 14 hours? After all, he had to be a licensed driver being paid by the 2 partnering companies. And it is 983 miles from Dallas to lake city. They would have to average around 75 mph to do that in 14 hours. Guess I won’t have to worry about being one of those safety drivers.
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Wait until the accident scam crews make one of these trucks crash they will be banned immediately! Who gets the ticket or who goes to jail if they cause a death?
That is one topic I have wondered about. Lawyers could not sue a driver because there is not one. But I can see them making millions defending the trucking company, truck manufacturer, software company etc.
I did read an article written by a man with knowledge of the trucking industry. He said it will be decades before autonmous trucks replace humans.
One point I think being overlooked is people/companies are collecting millions in government grants. Testing/development can go on for years & they still make money if there is never a true autonomous truck on the highway. They can milk the government funded cash cow dry & walk away wealthy. I suspect those now collecting those funds have political connections.
On another note about electric vehicles, an official with Toyota said there is no way electric vehicles can replace internal combustion engines in the near future. Toyota is one of the largest car/truck manufacturers on this planet & they know what is possible & what is not.


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Hi everyone! I’m an ex Reddaway driver. How much does yrc pay for chain on / chain off? Thank you.


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Hi everyone! I’m an ex Reddaway driver. How much does yrc pay for chain on / chain off? Thank you.
As long as it takes to chain on and off I've charged as little as .50 clicks up to 3 hours if I had problems. If you are a team driver always chain together if my partner wouldn't help chain up I would just sit wait it out. Some areas you can hire chain monkeys I don't have their cards anymore haven't been on teams for years now that will chain you up for like $50 if you are lazy much easier just to take them off then put them on.
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