YRC Sell A Newer Driver On "no" Vote

Discussion in 'YRC Freight' started by stave, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Common sentiment here from most posters is they will vote no when the new ballot arrives. While I understand that point, for a newer driver, there is a significant pay bump.

    Pension not being fixed and I don't think it will be. Wasn't surprised by this. Don't think Congress will help out either. Willing to worry about that myself.

    But the benefits package is gonna stay the same. This was the second most important part of the new contract to me.

    For someone like me, what would be the benefit of voting "no" and risking losing a job that is better than what I've ever had?

    I know the job was MUCH better than what it is 10 years ago, but I don't see those days coming back. I think some of you guys want it to, know better, and don't want to come to terms with reality. We are seeing the same problems though. And I don't mean that as a slight to people who have double-digit years into this company.
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    Sorry, Stave, but no one is trying to convince grown adults to make a decision that is gonna affect them and their families, I was new here too over 25 years ago and I was able to raise a family, save money, start my own business, take vacations every year, put my kids through college, never go hungry, meet a lot of friends who have become family, and now enjoy my seniority and continued 401k deposits and a check that hasn't ever bounced in almost 30 years. If you're able to be swayed by an ungrateful disgruntled coworker to make decisions against your better good then Have Mercy on Your Soul Young Brother, You came here on the terms you accepted now you're getting $4 more over the next 5 years, no other company in our industry is getting close
    Vote what's best for you and your family Brother but No, we're not going to beg you to vote Yes or try to convince you to vote No, Adult Time Now
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    You point out some of the big reason this contract will pass. Companies know that most of there union works could not afford to go on strike and if they did it wouldn't be for long. Did you know companies pull your credit report? They like you being in debt, when your in debt you go to work. In my area we had works at a company go on strike and within in week over 2/3 crossed the picket line and went back to work. This strike did not in any way effect the company since they just shifted the work to another facility. I think the strike last 4 weeks
    The teamster are no different the YRC neither produce a product, they both provide a service. YRC and the union are always out looking for new business and when customers/member leave the business losses. The Teamsters have lost many companies and members since deregulation of the trucking industry. Not only cant the company afford you to vote no, but the Teamster really can't. Just image the hit the pension will take if the doors are closed. There alot of talk on here but when they go home at night look at there bills, wife, and kids they will surly check yes.
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    New drivers here have no idea how.dire the situation is at YRC! And they dont care it's most likely the best truckin job they have had at this point in their career!
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    Since I had my red wagon.
    I personally think you are one of the few that would even know this board is here.
    And to ask a question to boot.
    I wouldn't sway anyone to vote either way.
    Union? Of what really. Sure we have rules and protection with the rules.
    Anyways. Vote what you will. And what you are comfortable living with.
    It's your vote. You use it. At least your gonna vote. I'll give the new guy credit for that. We were all new at one time.
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    If you are who you say you are, I must say this is a good post.
    30 years ago I drove for another company and I would hear the same things about how good things "use to be".
    You're lucky in the fact that you don't carry around the financial and/or emotional baggage of the last 10 years.
    See, there was this guy named Bill Zollards that ran these companies back then. Because of his over inflated ego, he went on a buying spree and bought some companies he had do business buying. In doing so, he became a so called "trucking guru" on some news outlets like CNBC. Because of his poor judgement, this one individual destroyed many lives. Furthermore, YRC went into the recession 2 Billion dollars in the hole.
    We as workers did not create this situation and yet, we've been expected to help fix it.
    So one must ask oneself, how much more are we expected to give?
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    The Teamsters Union has really diversified. Trucking is not the main interest anymore. A good example is the Western Teamsters Pension Fund. Imo.

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