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So I get to my meet point early this AM and my meet person ask what's this I hear about shamrock staying open and there are going to be 85 drivers there. He says he has gotten 2 phone calls. I love gossip. And you guys say we women gossip. I know nothing ok. All I know is that we have a 5 year lease on the property and they are holding on to it till lease is up. All the other stuff is rumor!!!!!


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I'm pretty sure that I would have heard the champagne corks popping where I am, (Shamrock closing is a major reason for the job losses here). but all I've heard is crickets chirping. It would be nice if it were true though. Many drivers made choices about their future based on the projected runs that will be available at the WME yard.


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Didn't you hear? We're gonna have Flying Purple people eaters and Smurfs at the Shamrock terminal. Gossip is great because we don't have to confuse anything with the facts. It's not a matter of IF we'll have jobs. It's more do we want the ones they have for us. I never did figure out if it was Flying Purple Eaters that eat people or Flying Eaters that only eat Purple People. If the latter is true then we're in trouble huh. It's gotten to the point now that I'm not even sleeping anymore. FedEx needs to move the information stream forward at a faster pace. This 4 month thing is nice but making us wait for information is driving us nuts
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Leem, I'm right there with you on the no sleep. Yesterday I was awake for just about 30 hours, then got less than 5 hours of sleep (not all in one chunk either). I keep second guessing my preference choices and wondering if I did the right thing in not putting CMH on it at all. We need timely information! It would help with stress reduction if nothing else.
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