Shipping CEOs See No Short-Term End to Red Sea Disruptions

Even better. A typical warship carries about 40 to 90 air defense missiles depending on how they have them packed in the VLS System. Some are quad packs. Others like the SM6 are only good for space. Then again those models could be used to strike enemy targets offensively.

What our enemies have not realized is that they failed to read Tom Clancy's Red Storm decades ago. You send roughly 700 to 1000 missiles against a formal US Carrier Task force, all of the group runs out of their missiles assuring their destruction. I dont wish that on anyone because their land will be turned to radioactive glass in a hour.

The US Navy is trying to learn how to reload the VLS System in quiet waters at port. And within 18 months learn to reload them at sea while underway.

As a side note according to the USNI Website, the Geo. Washington just got out of Norfolk today. Shes at Sea gathering her Air Wings prior to going east to the Med Sea for combat deployment.

Once the Navy completes its new Blue Gold Crewing system, a carrier comes in Blue Crew gets off, dismissed. Gold Crew boards and takes it right back out.

The USN has about 2/3 of all surface warships out. Theres about 1/3 of destroyers, frigates etc al that can come out for war purposes combined with the new US Army's Attack Missile System now active in the Pacific.

I can go on but I follow the Navy etc al in real time around the clock. We are currently plinking Houthi SCUDS when they are raised up to launch by the dozen every 24 hours.

As far as the dollars I do not count them anymore. Its the same as some jerkwad company buying a half million dollar juice tractor and another 120,000 dollar great dane to haul potato chips somewhere at ever greater costs. be cheaper to order them direct as I do from home.