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Sorry to hear that. Do not forget......its not the end of the line. They told you they will send the results in the mail.....correct? Mine said they decided to uphold the decision. It will get better for you. I purchased (not leased) my own truck and pull basically dedicated for a major shampoo retailer.....money is good and so is life. Try pulling a tanker for once. You get paid for everything except the first hour at our company. Pretty easy!!!! I miss LTL, but I do not miss pulling the knives out of my back and low crawling to my car every day to try to go home.

Thank you so much for your knowledge and kind words of support. It helps a lot. Companyclown you were right though, they had their mind made up already. The upsetting part is the enjoyment they had picking me apart and gang ****** me.
eff the effen place, how's that for my first post? I try like hell to be a hardworking loyal employee but it's getting harder and harder to let this **** slide off my back on a daily basis after 4 almost 5 years. I have a pending incident with LE that happened in a company vehicle on company time and they won't even represent me. MY SCM or personel sup will attend the hearing only
The best advice I got was to call the Scm before and try to sway them. They do have a big say in whether or not you are reinstated. Have your story strait with no holes, the board will try to pick it apart. don't interupt or speak out of turn, I did and some operations manager snapped" I don't believe it your turn to speak" at me. I felt gang rapped after.
Although you probably need to move on if it were me I would at the very least contact a GOOD WORKERS COMP LAWYER.. they are hoping you will just go away but I would at the very least try that avenue and maybe have the last laugh..Good luck to you driver!!!
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