Simple question , Would you do trucking again if you had a life do over ?

Would you do trucking again if you had a life do over ?

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  • NO

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When I was 5, my parents took me on a trip, couple hundred miles. I knew at the moment, I was born to drive.

I wonder what the response would be if the question was "would you do trucking again if Razorblade was your terminal manager?"

Would the response be 98 percent YES or would it be higher?
If Razorblade was the terminal manager, it would be a one man operation.
Just him!!!
You must remember that Blade claims to be “Omniscient”.
So why would one that is “all knowing” or “God-like” need anyone else???
Depends, Tough to say

The LTL business is second only to food service in being the most annoying and least fun sector of this job, but unfortunately the LTL biz is the only ::shit:: that pays enough to not have to live under a bridge

I could never tolerate with the Fedex 2 seniority list slip seating and monthly rebid stupidity

If I could back to haulin heavy equipment for the $35 an hour I make now I’d jump ship yesterday

Knowing what I know now with the slip-and-fall lawyer and dumbphone era looming on the horizon I probably woulda chose not to put my pipe wrenches down
Would I do it again…. Probably not but I’d hate myself for not doing it. I wish I had gone law enforcement or military. I look at all the great people I have met because of the industry and I can’t imagine not knowing them.

26 years of it for me.. Aug 1996 till March 2022. Probably had every job y’all hate through the years. I listened to wiser older drivers in September 1996 when I turned 21 and told Averitt I wasn’t interested in getting my CDL. A little later going into my senior year of college they offered me a supervisors job and at 22yo back then it was a lot of money. Needless to say I stopped going to school.

Dock sup and LH at Averitt. Left for a $200 a week bump at SEFL. From there FedEx as dock sup to LH dispatch to city dispatch. Couldn’t move up without moving my young family or going back to nights so it was time to go to a distribution company as a manager. A year later my former TM from FedEx that had left before me called from Estes and needed a daytime OM.

Another year later SAIA had a TM spot come open. A couple of people that worked for me at Estes told me to jump on it and started sending emails to people there. Next thing you know I’m spending 7 years with them. By far the best carrier I worked for.

Covid got me. The stress of managing through it, the 12-16 hour days plus a couple of 28 hour days finally made me hang it up in the LTL world. Scored a spot as a director of safety for a small TL carrier. (Told y’all I had every spot y’all hated). Definitely to slow paced after LTL so I framed houses for a summer looking for the right job to finish out my last 15-20 years.

Now I’m loving life. Work in outside part sales for a dealership and get to call on all of my former employers. When I’m not seeing friends there I am calling on other companies and around the kind of people I enjoy.

To be honest I probably would do it all over again. It sucked at times and we sacrifice a lot but make a good living that provides for our families.