Simple question , Would you do trucking again if you had a life do over ?

Would you do trucking again if you had a life do over ?

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I think I would be an elevator repair man. Job security. Once it's installed in the building someone has to fix it. Strong Union.
I think bank robbery and perfecting it since youth, might have been a way to go. It's where the money's at.
It's all theft anyways. Our economic system.
He who learns to steal the most, wins. Follow the leaders.
They don't need a gun or a bag anymore.
It's white collar jails.
They break into websites and steal it all.
And then start a business and steal all kinds of cash and convince everybody it ain't stealing . Then change laws to ensure that it ain't stealing.
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I can't answer it.
It's good money and benefits for uneducated people. You can buy a house and raise a family on it. I did it and my wife doesn't work. Raised 3 kids.
But it takes more of your life than most other jobs ever would. Way too much of your life imo.
Too tough a question to answer for me.
IMHO, I would choose it again if it were the same era. I would NOT choose it today,
And don't talk about the uneducated. If you have trucked for 45+ years, you have a great education, I can promise you that.