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Well, I guess the guys who kissed up to the Terminal manager in SLC are starting to drop like fly's since he decided to call it a career after he got back from the Yellow meetings last summer. I think they felt the good buddy benefits they were receiving should continue in perpetuity. I hear 1 was canned for steeling company time and mis- use of company credit card. another for falsifying pay sheets others felt they should be paid for double and triple hooks when they only slide power at a turn point. wait time abuses etc etc. I guess the gravy train has run dry for these types.
Those things shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in the first place.
You have no idea the depth of cronyism that went on at that terminal. special bids custom made for drivers who would dispatch on the weekend or early mornings, so the TM didn't have to force real office personnel to do it and or hire enough office staff. guess that would cut into the old bonus.
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