FedEx Freight | Sleep Apnea

Good to know it works for her. I am thinking of trying one out myself. They have a third one now, a RXpro, but I think I will try the original one since that one seems to have the most good reviews and people I trust say it works.
We found fit and how long you wear it makes a difference .
Sometimes they run deals and we buy a couple so when she
fits it and wears it we have ones that she did a better job on
the fit . We found it's nice for here to have two and not wear
the same one every night or every week so she switches off.

As Big Dave says , they measure your neck and look at some
ridicklus chart for BMI and instantly comdem you as a CPAP
customer . Even my doctor says it's a out dated way of doing
it and it's a money pumping system. Don't get me wrong if you
are stopping breathing and gasping then you may need a CPAP .

After I lost all that weight we kind of hit a wall and he says you
have big bones and will never be as low as 250 . Crap , I was 225
in 8th grade and stood 6.2 but trucking has turned that into 5.11
now . Today I was 295 in shorts , tanktop and Mrs. SS's panties .
I'm shooting for 290 - 285 then new knees or shoulders , maybe
the right hip and neck . Thank you to my TM for all the crap food
whse you gave me and tried to kill a man .....

As one of the lucky ones who is now chained to a cpap machine, I recommend getting the prescription from your doctor and then ordering it online. You can use the medical debit card to pay for it. If you get it through the doctor you will pay 3 times the price. The last machine I bought online from was $700. The original machine through the doctor was $2200.
I have a Dr in Chicago area who won't make you wear the Darth Vader mask private message me?
Concentra will get you into a CPAP machine even if you don't need it is my experience. We have a department that deals with it at FedEx. You will be mailed a sleep test kit to wear one night. Then you send it back to be read. I was set up with a video call doctor halfway across the country that said I needed it. Like it's been said it is expensive for the machine. They will call several times a week and sometimes daily for you to reorder supplies when they think you should have run out. At least now you will get to re-certify your DOT every year.

Your life support machine is fairly quiet. Hopefully you have some type of headboard on your bed to keep the hose somewhat out of the way but it will still be a bother. Look forward to having air shoot into your eye at random times during the night due to sleep positions or the tube getting caught on your pillow. If you try to talk to the wife with it on it will steal your air so no more pillow talk. I was able to go to sleep in about 30 minutes with it on compared to just a couple of minutes not wearing it. Sleeping the whole night was the norm until I started the CPAP life, now I wake up 3-6 times a night.

Now I am more tired during the day and have to fight the urge to fall asleep in the afternoon during prime pick up time. The closer I get to Friday the more tired and cranky I get. Thank you Concentra and FedEx for enhancing my life through science.
You can get a 2nd opinion never go to Concentra!
I know a few drivers who thought they had Obstructive sleep apnea and tried using the Z quiet, SnoreRX and nasal dialators like the brand mute. I know one had luck with the SnoreRX after getting used to using it and stopped snoring completely once he got used to wearing it after a few nights and left it in. His GF said he's lost 10 pounds in a month from being able to sleep better and longer, she hears him breathing and it sounds normal now and he stopped making snorting sounds and less tossing and turning. She is sleeping better she says cause she is not worrying about the gasping and pauses anymore. They are a little pricey, he is using the regular one, not the advanced one. I looked at them and it looks like there are 3 versions. Could be worth a shot for anyone who wants to try something now if you think it is Obstructive sleep apnea.

* liposuction for neck fat to decrease neck size is a secret among some drivers from what I have heard from some people.
I have a 23 inch neck don't fall asleep while driving just a money grabbing scam!