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My sleep test was around sleep apnea.

Did your insurance pay for it?
Im with aetna.yes.was paid.planning on having gastric bypass surgury.thinking ahead because of the csa 2010 driver requirements
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Don't forget-- barry sotorro (barry obama) has now announced unregulated/unsafe trucks from Mexico can soon start driving the USA......
[/quote]Just remember Hoffa shaking hands with Mr. Obama to endorse him and Hoffa asking for the rank and file to elect him......What a freaking joke........... :rant: :rant: :rant:
[/quote]I'm still haunted by the photo of Hoffa standing at the podium with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, both with their arms raised up, cheering for Granholm, on the cover of the Teamster Magazine. She has been a real winner for Michigan also. Obama is just another hero for Hoffa to support. Where is Hoffa's support for Granholm now?
Really bad things can happen with gastric bypass, stop potatoes, stop smoking, stop white bread. NOT CUT BACK. QUIT! The pounds will drop at a safe speed. Tick tock its 2010!
Drivers need to take breaks and exercise every once in a while. On a lunch break, job around the parking lot of a truck stop, or do some sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups Rocky Balboa style underneath the trailer.

For sit-ups, place the back of your legs on top of the cross bar that connects between both landing gears under the trailer for allowing for max flex intensity of a sit-up.

For the pull-ups, lay under the trailer as if you were road kill and grab the cross bar with one or both hands and try pulling yourself up straight without bending at your back.

For push-ups, lay on stomach, and place both feet over the cross bar, keep your legs and back straight and go to it.

Not all trailers have that cross bar under the trailer that connects to the frame of the trailer, between the landing gear. So if that ever happen, just save the exercise when you do have it. That cross bar is strong and sturdy it will tolerate thousands of pounds. So there isn't any excuse that drivers can offer.

It is important for drivers to stay in shape, or otherwise drivers will increase the risk of other health issues.
Interesting ideas there Italian Style and to add to your suggestions:
PLACE A BLANKET (or 2) ON THE GROUND BEFORE GETTING PRONE, unless of course one LIKES smelling of Urine, Feces, etc.
A Driver CAN perform some exercises within the confines of ones Truck which consist mostly of Upper Body type, however Leg stretches can be accomplished too.
Also, PARK AS FAR AWAY FROM BUILDINGS AS POSSIBLE to better benefit from walking even when carrying those 4 cheese burgers, 6 orders of fries and 12 pounds of candy back to the truck.
Just do like I did before I got my cpap machine. Take naps at the stop lights. Seriously guys, Sleep Apnea and being a driver was a bad deal for me, its a wonder I didn't kill someone. I had no idea what was wrong. Doing great now, glad I did the test and Teamsters paid for it and a portion of the machine. :shift:
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Found This Interesting (Central States)

Interesting, indeed. My wife was prescribed for gastric bypass for medical reasons a number of years ago. TeamCare denied it. We appealed, twice. Still denied. Finally, we remortgaged our house and paid the doctor and the hospital $30,000 of our own money to do the deed. They botched it-- almost killed her. Three days after the initial op, they had to do another emergency op at 2am to save her life. Four days after that, yet another procedure, and then had to bring in a bacterial specialist, since they had given her staph infection by then. Kept her 12 days. Then sent her home, and presented us with a bill for over one hundred thousand dollars. I threatend bankruptcy and to sue them for malpractice. They offered to 'cut it in half'. I asked them "So, while my wife was knocked out-- you think she made half a mistake, and your doctor made half a mistake?" "How does a doctor make 1/2 of a mistake, anyway?" Then they stopped , and agreed to not pursue it (But wouldn't put that in writing.) Until after the 2 year period when I could sue them passed. They turned us over to Collections. I wrote to Collections-- told them why I will never pay them a dime, and threatened to sue both Them and the Hospital if I ever have my credit lose points because of this. Finally-- they stopped.....

So yes, there can be problems from gastric surgery. I know 7 people that have had it. 5 never had a moment's problem. 1 regained all the weight because he didn't follow the change in lifestyle. And my wife-- who looks gourgous, her health has gotten fantastic, and she's not on meds anymore-- after they almost killed her......
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