ODFL | slow freight


TB Lurker
Just wanted to ask and see what everyone is seeing? My barn yard is slow but seeing the top guys coming in really early and running drops and so forth, but those top guys are getting plenty of hours while the middle guys are getting their time but guys like me are sitting at home one or maybe two days a week. Here is the thing too I'm can work the dock when I come back in and that's what I'm doing when I can. The thing is and I wanted to see what's doing on where you are is there is enough work for everyone so who is rotating and who isn't? AND YES some up here do know me and I was here for 22 years and gone for almost 5 years but now I'm back and no i didn't get my time back or my run. Just saying.
My experience is that I used to rotate with a driver or two years ago. But there were changes and we were discouraged from doing that. I was line. At my domicile we lost 4 line driver’s including myself and they’re not being replaced. All of the runs are running normal. City I don’t have a clue what they’re doing.
Our scheduled runs hardly ever get canceled, wild guys are either sitting home 1 or 2 outta 5 days (no work anywhere) or they have to call central 4 out of 5 days a week. Local terminal just can't or won't try hard enough to get them runs
I can only speak for Line Haul at KNC....they are calling schedules to see if they want a night off so me and the other 'wild' guy can run 1 night. We only have 14 line haul guys, so we all know each other and so far, look out for each other. This is the first week I've ran all week. But, the past 3 weeks, I've been cancelled one night a week. Doesn't bother me, it is what it is. I've called a night off so the other wild guy could run. They called and asked me first. He took this past tuesday off so I could run, they asked him first. Glad everything is 'fair' so far.
P&D getting 70 hrs a week plus Linehaul day runs are going on here. Had a linehaul driver quit 4 months ago now the run is just covered in the morning by P&D pets.