Snowball A remembering with a story.


Ive been away a while occupied with medical things this month. Im also occupied with remembering certain persons who had a hand in friendship and influenced my trucking in different ways in life.

Snowball died a couple years ago when his main blood vessals tore shoveling 3 feet of snow to get to work in Union Bridge Maryland. He did make it to the kitchen and his family was able to mobilize help quickly but he died there while waiting. SO at his age (59 or so) and somewhat aware of issues in that part of the body before its the thing that killed him.

The story I remember most about him is simple. He was with friends and such in libations and what not one evening and found himself back at a employer's place for one of the vehicles etc. He was in no shape to drive and had to wonder whats possible to sleep safely with a then snow storm coming on. Well one of the jobs we did was shovel leaves yea high on part of the employer's land and home. Ergo, dive under the pile of leaves snuggle in and wait until morning.

The overnight storm came and went covering him, the several feet pile of leaves and a foot plus on top of that of snow. Temps ranged to about 20 with wind chills closer to around zero if not lower at times. He climbed out of there, sun is up and Boss is already hollering time to get to work! And so it was. Fueled the truck and equiptment and finished the day without too much trouble. We all called him Snowball from that day on to the end of his life. Thats one way to remember him. He was a fairly good driver however has had a storied life as some of us wilt. Its possibly fortunate that he did not grow older and learn just how bad things would be medically with the various body systems failing from wear and tear on trucking since 14 to almost 60.
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