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Somethings YOU should know !


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After reading some post this morning here's the wording on somethings that are important and YOU should know . All wording is directly from the agreement .

Drop & Hooks and Spotting Trailers :At the end of the line terminals/or dark terminals, a road driver that comes into the terminal may drop & hook his/her trailer or trailers and spot trailers to the dock or pull trailers
from the dock even though there are local cartage/dock people on duty. This does not apply to the distribution
centers or breakbulk terminals.
Pre-Stringing Trailers: At end of the line and dark terminals, pre-stringing sets will continue as it is presently
performed, if equipment and freight are available. If equipment and freight are not available the road driver
will be instructed to hook his/her own set. In accordance with the Supplement, penalty pay will apply if this is
not followed.
Drop & Pick: Road drivers will be permitted to make one pickup or delivery en-route to his/her destination
terminal and he/she is also able to make one pickup or delivery en-route on his/her return trip. This applies to all road supplemental operations.

Hostling Across Job Classifications: When someone bids or is assigned a hostling job, he/she would be required to do any type of hostling required.
Example: Hook road units, city units and trailers to and from dock.

All the above is from this link :


Stinks around here lately
Thanks R-14 and guys educate your self as to what "enroute" means for PU/Del. Other wise it will be abused.


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I don't like the drop and hooks at the dark and end of the lines but hey they been crying to do away with that for as long as city has had it. good bet that will cost a city job as far as linehaul they had a right to make one stop but it had to better that 10thous pounds. so guess the weight thing is out to i don't know for sure. i feel this just the start and it not going to be good that for sure. good luck to all.


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Denny Hamlin just won Texas Motor Speedway and now he leads the points............DAMN

I personally have to wonder if thats not corrupt. Seems like the team that dumps the most cash into a car goes the fastest. FedEx has put there name in our face more in the last year then any company Ive ever seen in my life. They have ballfields, three trucks in every town, billboards on highways, ads in name it. There even in the damn news. Seems kinda weird that 2 out of 3 of there companys they just bought and re-named. American Freightways and Roadway Package System. Wheres the genius in that ?

Jay C

Seems kinda weird that 2 out of 3 of there companys they just bought and re-named. American Freightways and Roadway Package System. Wheres the genius in that ?
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Drone Speaking

FedEx CEO Fred Smith. We talked a lot about UAVs,referring to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. "He's been looking at them closely for years." FedEx is especially interested in "flying wings that aren't compromised for human safety and comfort," thus increasing efficiency. The innovative CEO is considering the prospect, as Wired describes it,
"of FedEx someday flying formations of aircraft",
like a flock of birds, with only the leading one being manned. Is a flock of robotic cargo aircraft led by a single pilot a radical idea? Not really, he said. Think of it like a train: the lead car is manned, and all the others are unmanned. They're connected mechanically; the aircraft would be connected electronically. But it's basically the same idea.

It's simply the most efficient way to move cargo."

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Drone Speaking - Blogcritics Sci/Tech
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Jay C

unmanned FedEx cargo aircraft formation..
landing approach-JFK


Sorry. Say again location. Over
Unknown Aircraft: "Hello?.."
Easterwood Tower..Please say again."
UA: "What?"
ET: "Who is this?"
UA: "This is Joe"
ET: "This is Easterwood Tower, where are you?"
UA: "I'm in the plane!"

ET: "Joe, where is the pilot?"
UA: "He got out when the engine quit.."
ET: "Joe, what does your airspeed indicator read?"
UA: (Long pause) "Zero?"
(So the plane was now in a stall I thought.)
ET: "Joe, whatever you have in front of you - a stick or a steering wheel - push it forward - you need to get airspeed over your wings!"
UA: "Are you sure?"
ET: "Yes Joe you need to push it forward... (pause)... What does your airspeed indicator read now?"
UA: "It's still zero."
(I thought, oh my god, Joe's plane was in a falling leaf spin. I couldn't help him. Joe was going to die. I did not know what to do. I looked to the senior controller. He said, "Ask him where his plane is.")
ET: "Joe, where is your plane?"
UA: "the lead plane..leading an unmanned FedEx cargo formation
request landing instructions..over "
ET: "Joe, get off the radio."