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SAIA sometimes, I make a mountain out of a molehill.

Discussion in 'Saia' started by Dracula, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Dracula

    Dracula Well-Known Member

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    I was braking for the exit from the interstate when It felt like the set was pushing the tractor. I was going over the possibilities of why it felt like I didn't have brakes on the set and for the next hundred miles was very careful about my speed. I knew that the problem was in the blue line but what was it? I had just bled the air from the tanks, so water accumulation was out. I felt that the situation was manageable so I rolled it back to the barn. I get back to the yard, dock my lead trailer, and unhook the airlines. I had the blue glad hand in my hand, so I turned it over and there was the problem. The rubber grommet looked like someone had cut the edge off of the grommet so air was leaking every time the brakes were applied.

    I guess I am getting old but it never occurred to me to check the grommet. Oh well.:shrug:
  2. Demolitionman

    Demolitionman Well-Known Member

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    Its easy to catch the red, but I know there are times I rolled leaking on the blue every time I hit the brakes. It happens.
  3. system dog

    system dog Member

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    Solution to issue it's easy after hooking set together apply release trailer brakes and pull the trailer brake lever ( aka trolly brake ) the ones in the newer truck will stay down until you move it back up on this way when you walk around truck you can hear any air leaking from blue line it also lets to check brake lights are both working
  4. backstrap

    backstrap Well-Known Member

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    now thats called a proper pre-trip....
  5. Boltseal

    Boltseal Active Member

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    After backing under the rear trailer, I would always set the parking brake, turn the engine off and leave in gear, then release the emergency brake, and pull down the hand valve. When you get out to start hooking the air lines, any air leaks can be heard.

    This saves time and makes sure you will hear any leaks.
  6. hasbeenking

    hasbeenking Well-Known Member

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    Seems like I get a new set of grommets on a weekly basis.. I hate air leaks!!!

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