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Soviet America Arrives


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Is a society that damns its past every 50 years one to be emulated?

Abolition of memory is easy when the revisionists enjoy the high moral ground and the damned are evil incarnate. But more often, killing the dead is not an easy a matter of dragon slaying, as with ಠ▄ಠ or Stalin. Confederate General Joe Johnston was not General Stonewall Jackson and after the war General John Mosby was not General Wade Hampton, just as Ludwig Beck was not Joachim Peiper.

The strangest paradox in the current epidemic of abolitio memoriae is that our moral censors believe in ethical absolutism and claim enough superior virtue to apply it clumsily across the ages — without a clue that they fall short of their own moral pretensions, and that one day their own icons are as likely be stoned as the icons of others are now apt to be torn down by black-mask-wearing avengers.

A final paradox about killing the dead: Two millennia after Roman autocrats’ destruction of statues, and armed with the creepy 20th-century model of Fascists and Communists destroying the past, we, of a supposedly enlightened democracy, cannot even rewrite history by democratic means — local, state, and federal commission recommendations, referenda, or majority votes of elected representatives. More often, as moral cowards, we either rely on the mob or some sort of executive order enforced only in the dead of night.


I live Here
The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
George Orwell

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Lawyer client privilege? Not under the Marxist regime


Steve Bannon accuses prosecutors of trying to SPY on his lawyer Bob Costello by getting his phone and email data despite 'privilege' claim - as it is revealed FBI took notes when he met with government investigators

Since nearly all of the scum from the FBI are still out walking the streets after what they pulled on Trump, why would they fear pulling all of these current stunts? That agency is a shadow of it's former self. What a disgrace.


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“Please Let Me Out.” A Middle School Student In Elgin, IL Was Locked In A Room For Not Wearing A Mask Despite Illinois Being Mask Optional

Libs of Tik Tok
“Please let me out.” A Middle school student in Elgin, IL was locked in a room for not wearing a mask despite Illinois being mask optional

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1:42 AM · Feb 11, 2022

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Libs of Tik [email protected]“Please let me out.” A Middle school student in Elgin, IL was locked in a room for not wearing a mask despite Illinois being mask optional0:12588.6K views1:42 AM · Feb 11, 2022·Twitter for iPhone5,678 Retweets1,186 Quote Tweets14.1K LikesLibs of Tik [email protected]·Feb 11Replying to @libsoftiktokHey @sdu46, I hope you get sued into the ground.1116716,128Libs of Tik [email protected]·Feb 11Here’s another video in this same district of a kid being locked up for not wearing a mask:



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DHS Doubles Down on Linking Terrorism to Free Speech

In a recent terror bulletin, DHS tied domestic terrorism to free speech and protests. No such connection was made during Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests. DHS Counterterrorism Coordinator John Cohen defended it on the 15th at an online event hosted by George Washington U’s Program on terrorism, The Epoch Times reported.

The bulletin linked the violence to people speaking about immigration, race, and mandates.

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