May 29 (UPI) -- The price of diesel in Brazil will be reduced for the next 60 days in an effort to bring striking truck drivers back to work, the nation's president said.

why should we americans strike for what another country is doing...???

i'll support YOUR RIGHT to strike if YOU ARE LIVING IN Brazil.

but i will NEVER support a strike here in the states


cuz way too many others will simply run thier pants off, making all that money, that's....why.

American truckers just NEVER agree on anything in actual doing.

they only agree to things in talking.......
ABF and YRC are joining Forces??
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yet STRIKES are only good in Baseball and Bowling Lanes and maybe Lawn Bowling.

Unions, THE LARGE FREIGHT CARRIERS, FedEx, UPS and Mail Contracts/Contractors will not bother.
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Italy, some years back, had a similar STRIKE like BRAZIL where in Italy it didn't take very long to settle because a five PLUS mile line of PARKED UP TRUCKS for a WEEK made a definitive statement.
BRAZIL seems to be having problems maybe because it's a larger country and discord is more prevalent.

Such as those two would NEVER WORK in the U.S.A., even if/when Diesel is $5.00 or $6.00 a gallon.
There would be a few denizens for change yet "nothing gained" despite the "venture" like has been seen NUMEROUS TIMES in the last 20 years with "rolling Roadblocks (running at minimum Posted Speeds in the Granny Lane), Convoys and the like".
It would also NOT WORK HERE because the National Guard would be involved as well numerous 3 Lettered Federal Agencies as well State Officials.
Supposedly "When Trucks STOP, America STOPS". I've yet to see such occurrence.
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WE as a Nation have LARGER PROBLEMS than a Trucking Strike, but PLEASE keep Going Forward and Update US.
On Leadership
A Chick-fil-A is paying $18 an hour to retain fast-food workers
any place, can pay $100.00 per hour. question many hours per week will the worker get, and what about health benefits? as it is now, many retail jobs, many employee's work a mere 20 hours.......wanna see that $18.00 per hour job cut back down to say 10 hours per week total, and NO OVERTIME, or EXTENDED hours..????

that would only be (before taxes) $180.00 per week...can anyone survive on less than that..AFTER taxes are taken out..????

these places paying x number of dollars, can VERY EASILY cut back the hours so much, one would be better served, NOT filling out an application.

unless the ads specify EXACT hours each week, GUARANTEED, they can like i said, pay $100.. per hour, and twiddle their thumbs for suckers.

in the end, jobs that offer the $15. or $18. per hours are BEST for FULLY RETIRED people, disabled people that can work, or STRICTLY H.S. or college NO FAMILY breadwinner paying rent, bills, and child care, could ever afford such in all reality...low wages like that.
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Why, where's the part about Chick-fil-A paying $18.00 an Hour at the posted Link??
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MANY "Lease Driver" services have clients that pay anywhere from $14.00 to $20.00+ an hour, so getting $18.00 at a "fast food" is a CONSIDERABLE jump from the norm AND considering, like trucking, the BURNING TURNOVER rate.

I thought the "Fight For $15.00" was a curiosity, so now it'll become "Fight For $18.00".
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Certain Restrictions apply. Not all applicants accepted (because too many are too dumb to understand a "smart" phone).
Specific Hours required!
Shift selection by Hiring Manager (usually by 3 tosses of a Silver Dollar)!
15% of your bi-weekly pay rotates back to Hiring Manager.
Non negotiable -"take it or leave".
Sexual preference for Straight: *No Homos, Trannies, Non Entities*. WE are Chick-fil-A and "You will be assimilated"!! If you're offended or don't understand, DON'T WASTE OUR TIME!!

Per new documentation/citizen confirmation requirements of I.C.E. and Department of American Frivolous Taxing (DAFT),
Under OMG Control Number 0069-0666-0U812,
you are REQUIRED to Answer ALL Application Questions including Sexual Designation/Preference.*
WE are Chick-fil-A. WE control Your Future, you control your Bowels.
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