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Starting soon/brand new to trucking.

Discussion in 'Schneider National' started by B.Schnizzle, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. B.Schnizzle

    B.Schnizzle New Member

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    So, brand new to trucking, and starting with Schneider out of the Edwardsville Terminal in Illinois.

    According to my recruiter, and yes I know they can lie that's why I'm asking here, I will be able to choose between 2 weeks out and 1 week home or 6 days out and 3 days home and switch between them when I see fit, how true is this and can I expect to actually be home the promised amount of time?

    Also, anyone here from the Edwardsville terminal that can give me any information?

    And finally, I was promised I'd stay busy, is this true? I don't want seasonal work, I need to stay busy all year long.
  2. mustb123

    mustb123 Member

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    Would love to see answers to this as well.

    OP, any updates?
  3. ESP

    ESP Well-Known Member

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    looks like their drivers are so busy they cannot respond.

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