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POLITICS State Police Sergeant Destroys Liberal Snowflakes Try To Shame Him For Pulling Over A Brown Person

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by LewSir, Apr 24, 2019.

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    POLICE Sergeant DESTROYS Liberal Snowflakes Who Try To Shame Him For Pulling Over A “Brown” Person
    This video, of a State Police sergeant, putting a liberal snowflake and her male friend in their place, is one of the best you’ve ever seen—guaranteed.
    The video starts with a female snowflake who’s confronting a State Police sergeant, who is part of a gang force, for pulling over a “brown” man. The sergeant, who is clearly irritated with the female for interfering in a traffic stop approaches the female with the camera. What happens next, is pure gold.
    Obama was more white than black and he was an agent of the Deep State. He wanted to create division. He is the one who allowed Illegals under 18 to stay. The only good thing is they are too stupid to stay out of gangs and therefore, get deported the minute they turn 18. All an Illegal has to do is break the law and that is good enough to deport them and enough of them come from low IQ parents who could not guide them to make them successful in their own country and will most likely never be successful, thus they end up committing crime. I've seen it here enough and they end up being arrested and deported.

    Build the wall. Then deport them as fast as you can. Then start to use rubber bullets. They are and will be criminal invaders. They are messing up the country. The reason that the US is the most desirable country is because of what the European descendants have done here and now they want to replace us. They are the reason their own country isn't as good as here and stupid is as stupid does.

    Birthright citizenship needs to be denied. It was in the 1880's and then through a foot note in 1980's an idiot Supreme Court Justice wrote it was OK, yet that was not a judgement. All they have to do is deny it and then let it get to the present Supreme Court and we all know they will then go back to the ruling of the 1880's.

    Then put the parents in prison and make them work off the cost of birthing their child. Punish these free loaders who are causing the cost of living for the US citizens to go through the roof. Stop letting them torture us with their financial cost of living. WE are not their slaves, when we have become.

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