FedEx Freight | state trooper hit


TB Lurker
heard last night on the truckin bozo a set of fedex doubles hit a trooper on the toll road near toledo, didnt say what branch, anybody have a link or any more info
We are getting put down as drivers lower than whale crap for this and other idiots that have no respect for the public!!!!!! Everyone, even other Ground drivers are saying call in on them every time they(or us) screw up. I am all for calling on some dangerous a hole that blows through a toll booth 50 miles over the speed limit, but they went by so fast I couldn't get the unit numbers! Wake up people and expect a crap load of calls on us since everyone has been instructed over and over on the radio on how to call in the proper way. The screwed up part is what if our competition just didn't like us............. you know that's a fact. We have a huge bullseye on our backs! Be careful everyone!
Have your thoughts for that trooper in your prayers.
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