Stellantis CEO Says Pace of EV Push Hinges on Elections

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Gabrielle Coppola and Albertina Torsoli

Stellantis NV CEO Carlos Tavares said elections in the U.S. and Europe this year will dictate how quickly he can execute his 30 billion euro investment plan in electric vehicles.

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Oh. Big Chief wants to spend Heap Beads in something for his Tribe...

But cannot decide for himself until long nose makes a decision in November. Hes not Chief Material then.

The biggest problem with November 2024 is just that. We might have something horrible happen as not to have a election at all. Then the existing leadership will continue on into 2025 regardless of what We the People would decide.

The one thing important about being big Boss of anything in life is being able to have a set of balls and go deep all the way into something you think is good for your Company whatever it is. If you cannot execute, then get out of the way.