Strange sight

A couple of months ago on I95 in Connecticut I saw a ghost of the past. It was a red truck with APA on the air shield. I was so entranced at looking at the fairing I didn't catch if it was an R model or a CH.:smile:


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There's an old APA straight truck being used around the Cleveland area. Whomever uses it now only put a small sticker on the side of the cab door with their ICC #. Everything else on this truck remained the same last time I saw it.


ahhh APA...i remember going over to that huge terminal they had in N. Bergen, NJ right off the 1 & 9. i walked in and asked for an app and the secretary just stared at me and said " dont know why u wanna come here and work but i'll give u an application anyway". that b*tch turned me off to the job and i never filled it out. 6 months later, they were gone ! now i see what she meant.