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Success. In trucking

v for vendetta

Active Member
Look at the evidence

1. Trailers filthy covered with rust ,patches,leaks ,broken doors ,scrapped and not replaced.

2.freight returned every day undelivered drivers not leaving dock until late morning

3.pickups missed regularly

4. Claims not paid

5. Employees constantly bullied by management

6. Line drivers wait for hours for loads

7. There is no team or morale

8. No leaders only bosses

9 before Express trucking went down we were actually comparing ourselves to them. Instead of comparing ourselves to Penninsula the premier service carrier in the region.

10. No real communication system in place.

11. Last but not least a total inability to hire people due to their.
VERY BAD REPUTATION in the industry

12. No pay increases in 7 years.

Is this success? They should be ashamed for ruining a once proud company for owners and employees alike. Nothing left of Henry's company but the logo

Who Cares

Active Member
Well now that Express went down I guess we are at the bottom.

They have had the "hiring" sign up on TEC's fence for how long now? Haven't got much response to it. Auburn also has one at the back gate, plus a trailer running around with a sign on the sides and a few units with stickers on the back saying "Now Hiring, contact" Now I have always watched the driving ads and after you see a company that has to advertise non-stop you start to wonder why they can't attract quality drivers.

Then there is the case about the driver in a WA terminal that has "F--K YOU tattooed across his knuckles...Typical OHFL double standard. Maybe he is Ed's "other" child.:smile:

We are becoming more like Swift every day. They had a newby out training a newby the other day. You can't make this stuff up.