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#YRC Supervisors are starting to be laid off

On Thursday at the Akron 211 facility there were three dock supervisors, one city dispatcher and one garage supervisor laid off and told that if work picks up in the next three months they will be brought back. How about your barn? any supervisors or managers being laid off or let go?


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Don't know about supervisors at 309, but 710 road had drivers laid off today. I heard 8 but don't know for sure.


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laid off one in manassas, 1 in hagerstown, told they could be recalled in 3 months, after that they would get severance pay. new penn may need one of these.


Don't know about supervisors at 309, but 710 road had drivers laid off today. I heard 8 but don't know for sure.

What was the post first about.
Geez, that outcome based edumacation again.


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With the 309 dock sup fired mon that makes 5, that says my info was good, 1 dispatcher fired mon for ticking off ron d at 309. Thanks mango.


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No moronagement at 896 has been let go since the beginning of this whole debacle, some have transferred, quit, committed ******* so I guess there's no need to lay any off according to our TM, still seems like we have to many, 1 to every 5 Teamsters.


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it wont be up to your TM to make that call. when the phone rings and they say cut . they will do what they are told or hit the road . his only input will be who goes .


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Then getting the trucks fixed shouldn't be a problem with all those suppers to help out.................:LMAO:


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If they arent going to run freight back into Toledo they may as well close it and sell the property.Dont need a gigantic terminal,garage and yard to run a city operation.


im here to make you uncomfortable
why not they have a near 300 door term in kernersville with a huge garage . and 7 or 8 guys working the dock. but they did just get rid of i hear 10 supers of the 16 they had running the place for the last 18 months.
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