Sysco to Buy US Foods for $3.5 Billion

It's not a done deal. Pending approval from the FTC. Won't be complete until third quarter of 2014.
So after listening to the conference call I don't know anymore than I did. So I guess we will put our personal lives on hold until they figure this out. Don't want any of the rats to start jumping ship. I have heard a lot of fellow employees say they think this will be a good thing. Personally I don't see it. Some say they won't do away with the US brand but we all know this is all about the rich getting richer. Get rid of your largest competitor so we can get fatter. Don't think for one minute that your job will be secure no matter which side your on. This will probably get ugly for the employees if it goes through. Here in the DFW area you have a newer Sysco warehouse, 2 Sygma warehouses, a Freshpoint produce warehouse, and new Sysco wrehouse in East Texas. Then you have the US Foods warehouse thats in need of some TLC but it is a lot newer than the Freshpoint Warehouse which ironically was the old White Swan warehouse before it was moved to Mesquite. Then you have the customers that buy from one just because they don't like the other. I'm sure PFG, Labatt, and Ben E Kieth are licking their chops right now.
My hope is they will take the good from both outfits and combine that good to make one big GREAT company, USF is a great company, they have alot of really talented people in place, same can be said for Sysco, they also have great drivers, now is the time more than ever to really step up the customer service focus, we should always strive to do that but now more than ever to ensure success for both sides, I'm looking forward to it, I really like all the USF guys in my area!