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TB wishes all !


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Happy thanksgiving to you all as well.

Now the fun and games on the other hand... some of more successful ones get turned into stories. When they handed me a trainee fresh from trucking school back in those days we have had a little fun.

One example goes like this. Put trainee into drivers seat. Bombard same with increasingly little questions about bigger stuff. In addition have trainee deal with yarding trailers known to be difficult. A certain point is reached in form of stress. You have them over in the passenger seat going over trailer seals (There are none as of yet) and plenty of new ones from the cabinet.

They finally get asked the one little request to go out and check the seal back there against what they logged it when dropped it. Generally hop straight out in anger telling God and Company what they can do with little old me. Such a meanie with all those little questions I am.

They continue to march (Not walk, march) straight back. I usually had the service brake application close to zero and the whole thing rolling backwards silently just a little slower than they are walking which is pretty fast out of anger. Who am I to sit on my plush ass demanding to check a seal no one gives a blank about anyway? The nerve...

It usually takes a little more than about three truck lengths before they realize ...

1-That damn trailer is JUST TOO EFFING LONG!!! SHEESH!!!
2- Oh wait.
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Just passing thru
Anybody want a leg?
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Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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