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Teamsters United slate members, so far


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For those that don't know, I want to point out who is on the Teamsters United slate of candidates running to be elected to the next General Executive Board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. As of this writing in June of 2015, a partial slate has so far been announced.

The top position is the General President. The slate's candidate is Tim Sylvester, who is now the principal officer at Teamsters Local 804 in New York city.

The number two position is the General Secretary-Treasurer. As of now, that position has not been filled, but it most definitely will be at some point between now and June of 2016. There is no urgency to fill that position now. There is plenty of time to decide which current or future slate member will run for GST. Other than Tim Sylvester, the current slate members are not set in stone in their announced position.

The GEB also includes seven Vice Presidents At Large, four Eastern Region VPs, four Central Region VPs, two Southern Region VPs, Three Western region VPs, three Canadian Region VPs, and three trustees.

So far, the Teamsters United slate has announced four candidates for Vice President At Large:

• Fred Zuckerman, principal officer of Local 89, Louisville Kentucky.
• Jakwan Rivers, of New York Local 237, the largest Local in the Union. He is a former business agent who ran against the incumbent principal officer, a Hoffa supporter. Rivers lost in a disputed election.
• John Thyer, principal officer of Local 604, St. Louis, Missouri.
• Joe Darmento, of Local 2727, Louisville, Kentucky. Apparently a rank and file member.

Candidates for Eastern Region VP:

• Matt Taibi, principal officer of Local 251, East Providence, Rhode Island.
• Randy Shepler, a business agent of Local 30, Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

Candidates for Central Region VP:

• Tony Jones, principal officer of Local 413, Columbus, Ohio.
• Bill Frisky, principal officer of Local 964, Brook Park, Ohio.

Candidate for Southern Region VP:

• John Palmer, of Local 657, San Antonio, Texas. Apparently a rank and file member.
Candidate for Western Region VP:
• Richard Galvan, of Los Angeles area Local 396. A rank and file member who has run against the principal officer Ron Herrera, who is also an IBT Western Region VP.

Teamsters Canada; no announced candidates as of now. Also, no candidates for trustee have yet been announced.
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