Tennessee bill proposes relocating illegal immigrants to Brandon and Pelosi home states.


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A Tennessee lawmaker introduced a bill proposing illegal migrants in the U.S. be sent to the home states and towns of prominent Democratic leaders, such as President Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

The Biden administration is quietly moving thousands of illegals to various states, including Tennessee, by putting them on planes and buses and transporting them in the middle of the night, and we should return them to their sender!" state Rep. Bruce Griffey, who introduced the bill, wrote Wednesday.
"I imagine that if we relocated them to the backyards of those responsible for allowing the flood of illegal immigration across our border, then those with federal power might be more apt to secure the border and secure it quickly

He‘s right, they Would secure the border fast.


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In many states this is growing since the Brandon admin is airlifting in these people. It is putting an undue stress on all the systems of the states and local governments.


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A bill?
you mean follow the legislative process
why bother
load them up and ship them out
The Biden lawlessness has shown us the way