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    Management was here selling " we are not sure how we will pay for wages and benefits we have agreed to".
    How can they come up with $502,000 for 502 Teamsters on March 6, 2017?
    I would rather have a .50 cent raise. 55 hour work week x .50 cents is $31.25
    Times 502 Teamsters is $15,687.5 pay for week one. Management would spread out the pay,
    $502,000 divided by $15687.5 = 32 weeks to pay up the same amount of money.
    I conclude they can come up with the money.

    How many hours per week do you work? I work about 55
    55 hours per week x .50 with overtime is $31.25x50 weeks=$1562.5+two weeks vacation 90 hours $45 or
    $1607.5 per year in wages.
    Year 2 the wage increase is the same plus I get to keep the raise from year one for total $3215 more
    In 2016 than I earned in 2014.
    Year 3
    55 hour work week is 40 hours straight time plus 15 hours time and 1/2 = 22.5 hours straight time pay.
    62.5x 50 weeks = 3125 hours straight time pay. Add 90 hours vacation pay, and you have the equivalent
    Of 3215 hours pay per year.
    $1000 divided by 3215= .31 cents per hour.
    The real bonus ( for the company) is the $1000 is one time you will never get another penny.
    I want a raise, the bonus is for management not us.

    Casual days and holidays
    Each day off cost $19.54x8= 156.32
    The same number of hours for equivalent pay $156.32 divided by 3215= 4.86 cents per hour
    502 Teamsters X $156.32= $66,339.3 per year cost for each additional day off.
    I have earned 5 paid casual days 10 holidays.

    45 hour pay is not the same as management.
    When management takes a week off they get a weeks pay.

    Health & welfare
    55 hour work week x 50 weeks plus 90 hours vacation= equivalent 2840 hours
    $311.70 per week x 52 weeks =$16208.4 divide by 2840 = $5.71 per hour


    $165 per week x52 weeks =$8580 divided by 2840 = $3.02 per hour.

    The Teamster negotiators and Teamster International VP Gordon Sweeten (via voice mail) are hard selling this contract.

    My conclusion
    The bonus is an automatic NO. I want a raise that will pay me every year going forward.
    Not a one time payment.
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