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#YRC Thank you chicago 710 & 705


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Probably a long commute to TOLEDO also!
Let them have fun driving through the rush hour traffic in Chicago, but I will add that Chicago is a truck friendly city. The four wheelers never drive in a hurry, never slam on their brakes, they always use their turn signals when coming over into your lane, they never cut over 4 lanes of traffic to make an exit or back up on one either. They blink their headlights to give truckers plenty room to cut over into another lane, and their very patient on giving room to let a trucker back down a city alley. Mayor Daley cleaned up the city years ago, so there is no such thing is a gang land neighborhoods in Chicago. So if anyone gets lost in Chicago give cigarrette to the guy on the street corner, and he will tell you where you need to go. :hysterical:


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YRC could owe me back pay if ABF wins.

Just wondering where you think YRC would get all that money to pay everyone back if the Company is so far in debt? Plan "B" for Bankruptcy would be a more likely outcome.......ya think???


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While the former white paper 710 dock went 4 to 1 against the concessions the more pragmatic road drivers voted yes.

The Road Drivers have always been more pragmatic, as a group, Could this be due in part to their having been "around the block" more???
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