Thanksgiving Food Thread


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If you cook it, take a pic of it and post it for all too see
I'm up early this morning and planning to get my butt in the kitchen soon as this coffee kicks in. Might have a pic or two before the days over.
Got a Turkey going in the Orion Smoker
No pics, too late, you wouldn't want to see what's left of our poor turkey........he never had a chance, total carnage. Just curious however, how many prefer the whole berry cranberry sauce to the jellied.
The directions said to chill the bird in the sink for a few hours. Am I doin' it right? (I totally ripped this off from a friend on Facebook)
No photos, but my favorite Thanksgiving dinners go back to when a was a kid. My Dad was in the Army and they had family day at the mess hall on base.

This was Fort Gordon in the sixties and still had the old WWII buildings. Everything white painted wooden structures, but well maintained. Best I remember, the food was excellent and Mom didn't have to cook.

My Dad was an instructor at the Military Police school and I loved being able to hang out some at his place of work. I understand the military still has this tradition.

I also have some almost good memories of Thanksgiving on the road a time or two way back when. I know some of you guys may remember when Union 76 and Rip Griffins would offer free Thanksgiving dinner to on duty drivers. It was usually pretty good and it was nice to feel appreciated. I don't know if any of the current generation of truckstops do that anymore.
Yeah it is. Jeff, more info on that cake. Was each layer a different flavor?

No I think she took two boxes of cake mix and divided it up and added food color to it... It was very good with a cream cheese icing...
Didn't get pics of it all, but here are a few things that were going in my kitchen yesterday. Unfortunately the cinnamon rolls did not make it. The dough would not rise. Probably bad yeast :( Also, I ran out of milk and did not have any for the mashed potatoes. Thankfully I had a can of goat's milk I had been saving to make soap, and I used it in the potatoes, and all was well. I heard the brown sugar basted turkey was good, so I will save that recipe to do again someday.

A vegan cornbread I prepared for my vegetarian dressing made with applesauce. It looked so good that a sneaky thief stole a piece to enjoy with butter. Shame on me....errr, I meant "her".

Dough rising in a nice warm place!

preparing celery, garlic, onions, and chopped portabella mushrooms for the dressing.

This was sooo good!!!

Finally made the cabbage steaks and they were delicious, even though I was a little heavy handed with pepper :)
I don't have any pics, slept Thanksgiving away, I got up an hour early, had a quick plate and went to work, thats the life of a Sysco slob, no rest, no rest, no rest!

Dianna can cook though, no one does a turkey quite like she does, that sucker is never, and I mean never dry!
Here's mine if I can get the pics to work.
I stuff it with 12 grain bread that I cube out of the loaf with spices, butter, etc. Then I tie it up with cotton string and put it on the grill rotisserie. It comes with its challenges, most of which I have mastered at this point but I still have to watch it, particularly at the beginning-that's when it will go wrong if it's going to. The breasts are always juicy, the skin is incredible and it leaves the oven for all the other stuff since I only have one oven.

Those cakes look neat but how are you supposed to eat a piece of it?