The Big R

Good news in the mail today!
My BA invoked the Hummingbird Article on my discharge.
The Hummingbird Article supersedes article 43 of the Carolina supplement any day.
Thanks to this, I have been reinstated.
Good grief, how much did you cost the company in certified letter fees? They might have still been in business if not for that added expense!
on the NYS thruway Onieda ran the big motors v12 detroits and KTA 600 cummins pasted me like i was not moving but i was doing 72 mph with empty sea land 35 ft container
And if I recall correctly, Schuster and Eastern Freightways ran 903 Cummins pulling Thruway doubles around the same time.
on the NYS thruway Onieda ran the big motors v12 detroits and KTA 600 cummins pasted me like i was not moving but i was doing 72 mph with empty sea land 35 ft container
As I remember some trucklines used big power for pulling triples & twin 48's out west.
Carolina had some 9300 Internatinonals in the Chicago area with big power 855 Cummins for pulling multiple trailers on the turnpikes. They were relatively low mileage units. ABF sold them, which I think was a mistake, soon after the Worldway acquisition.
Allis Chalmers entered the big engine highway power market briefly with their "Big Al" engine. They were rated initially at a conservative 380 HP. The engine really had the torque & was good on fuel. The problem with the engine was it had the tendency to break crankshafts. As I remember AC stopped repairing the engine & would pay for a repower with a 350 Cummins.
A few O/O ran the 998 8V Mack. It was also a high torque engine. I have seen a few at Historic Truck Society shows. I worked on a few military trucks with the 998 when I was overseas. It was similar in size to the 3408 bulldozer engine.
Mud do you remember when they handed out cassette tapes. It was called Roadway Radio Show or something. I think it had an Allman Brothers song as the intro. They would speak about tractor purchases and expansion stuff like that.
In the early 1970's Maxidyne equipped Macks had the gold bulldogs. They were gone even quicker.
The gold bulldogs were installed on "Pedigreed' Macks. they were all Mack, (engines, transmissions, suspension & rear ends). Mack no longer uses Mack engines, (Volvo owns Mack), so Volvo engines have been used since 2010 because Mack engines wouldn't meet emission standards as well as the newer Volvo MP engine platform. Thye MP engines are built at the plant in Hagerstown, Maryland.
You probably bleed orange & blue.
A few of us senior city guys at Roadway Express Abq. were sitting in the break room one day discussing the up coming merger of Roadway Express and Yellow Freight back in late 2008. Up until then I didn't even realize that I had more then enough time to retire.
We all agreed it was time to go. My retirement came through in June of
2009. I was 59 years old when I retired. I would of stayed longer if not for the merger of Roadway Express and Yellow Freight. Another life decision that has worked out well for me.
Was this a east coast city trailer for low bridges, somewhere I read they were called Jitterbugs. I always thought Jitterbug was a dance.
That's exactly what it was called Hook, a "jitterbug", used for P&D back in the day. We had to "dance" under low bridges in Jersey City, around congested streets in Hoboken, and into narrow parking spots at Telstar Diner in Carlstadt. :smile new: